Craft Retreat


The things women like to do!! Like go away for a long weekend with your friends and craft all weekend!  This is the third time I have gone on a crafting retreat. I don’t know if this is popular across the country but it is in Minnesota. The three places I have been have been very comfortable. They all have had a fully functional nice kitchen. We all sign up for a meal and are responsible for planning and preparing a meal. Usually it is breakfast and dinner. This time we had 13 women and it was $135 each for Thurs-Sunday until 4:00 pm.

This retreat was located in Hinckley, Minnesota. We went last weekend which was October 27 .

It snowed 5 inches! But that is another story about life in Minnesota!

Some were quilting most were paper crafting.

We do a lot of eating!! And just a little drinking of adult beverages! LOL!

It is kinda weird to sleep in the same room with your co-workers/friends.

You get tired! We stay up late and get up early to do our crafts, all weekend!

So get your girl friends together and go to a crafting retreat. So much fun!